Welcome to the Hearthlands of Alloward!

Alloward is a homebrew campaign world that Sam Simpson started creating 1992 at age 16 as a creative outlet, and picked back up again in 2014 to flesh out and run for friends.

How can I get involved here on the Alloward campaign site?
There are many ways you can be involved with the campaign; here are some of the most relevant.

  • Create an Obsidian Oracle account and message the DM, Sam, (profile name: Wyckedemus) requesting that he invite you to the Alloward campaign.
  • Participate in, or start discussions within the campaign’s Forums. Providing commentary and suggestions are very welcome!
  • You can leave your mark by adding details (people, places, and things) to the campaign’s Wiki. Simply make your additions, and the DM will do any final edits and approvals. Keep in mind that he may revisit some campaign details to create a more coherent campaign and narrative.

How do I create a character for Alloward? What resources should I use?
You can find this information in the Character Creation wiki page.